A Glimpse of Crew Recruitment Services & How They Help Ship Owners

Nowadays, many people prefer massive ships for a rejuvenating vacation or transporting goods. If you happen to be the owner of one or more vessels that fit the shoe, then you’re in luck! However, mere ownership is not enough for turning your business into a money minting venture.

The crew is the heart and soul of every vessel. It makes sure that everything is in order, which is of paramount importance because the safety of human lives and expensive cargo depends on it. Hence, it is essential that your vessel is manned with an experienced, reliable, and qualified crew.

Unfortunately, many owners have a hard time in finding skilled mariners for the ships. When the stakes are that high, one lousy employee can cost you millions of dollars’ worth of damages. You obviously would not want anything like that, right?

Luckily, owners can leverage Crew Recruitment Services to get rid of this problem.

What is Crew Management?

It incorporates many activities which are solely looked after by the hired agency. The Crew Management Company is responsible for sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, and training of recruits as well as management of existing seafarers onboard.

It is the efficiency and caliber of a crew which facilitates the performance and growth of the ship. These qualities, however, vary from person to person. It is the duty of a marine crewing agency to screen the potential recruits and ensure that they are up for the job.

However, you might still be wondering if hiring one is a viable option. Well, the following points outline the benefits of availing these services. They will help you to decide whether they are worth a shot or not:
     • Hassle free

One of the biggest advantages of having your workforce requirements looked after by a professional agency is that it relieves you of the excess stress which may arise while dealing with promotions, conflicts, injuries, change in plans of the crew, visa arrangements, and so on.

In addition to them, it is essential to make sure that the crew is handled cautiously, keeping in mind their diverse nationalities, cultures, and beliefs. Factors like these might seem trivial, but they play a significant role in decision-making.

A professional crewing company provides not only the needed manpower but also proficient managers who can keep things under control. This way, you can lay your undivided attention on growing your business.

     • Bigger pool of seafarers

When you recruit through a renowned Maritime Crew Recruitment Agency, it automatically extends your reach; the reason being leading recruitment agencies often have a global presence which allows them to search from a larger pool of seafarers.

Furthermore, the selection process of a professional recruitment company along with the candidate’s previous employment contracts on record ensures that only the individuals with spotless track records are selected to work onboard. This significantly reduces the odds of employing the wrong person.

     • Fixed Pricing

Another advantage of using a crewing company is that you have the firsthand knowledge of what exactly the crew is going to cost you, thanks to the fixed cost hiring contract. This cost holds true and does not change over the duration of the contract. This is a valuable tool which helps in negotiating with banks for loans and vessel budgeting.

     • Saving on extra costs

When a firm hires employees on its own, it has to incur additional expenditure on their travel, training, and other staffing costs. If you add a crewing agency to the mix, all these expenses will be borne by them instead of you. As a wise man once said, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Ship owners often need to handle various situations related to their vessels. Hiring a dedicated crewing agency relieves owners from a ton of workload, and thus, enable them to focus on improving as well as expanding their business.

If you are looking for a Crew Recruitment Company in Singapore, then contact us! Our tailor-made solutions have benefitted numerous ship owners. For further information, drop a message @ enquiry@nimbusmaritime.com

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