We have a reputation for fulfilling all the needs and demands of the modern day ship owners. We are also known for maintaining a fleet of quality vessels to the highest technical standards while providing services that offer the most bang for your buck.

At Nimbus, we provide every type of professional seafarers within the stipulated time so that your business remains unaffected. We offer you a single point of contact with unlimited access to our database consisting of expert sailors from all over the world, making your search a lot easier. We are working towards our mission, “We care for your business first.”

Complete or Partial crew management

  • Whether you require one crewman or the complete crew, we offer professional services at an optimum price on a contractual basis to fulfill all your needs.
  • Stringent screening before deployment ensures that you get only the highly competent seafarers. We provide continuous ashore and on-board education as well as training to all the sailors, which can help unlock their maximum operational performance.
  • We consider our seafarers as our strongest asset and believe in building lasting relationships with them. Our retention rates are among-st the highest in the industry.

Crewing services offered by Nimbus Marine Services Pte Ltd

Recruitment & Selection Seafarer Tax Management
Employment Delivery Crew
Flag States Documentation & Support MLC Compliance
Payroll & Rotation Planning Liaising with Unions & Govt. Authorities
Crew logistics Management Training & Cadet Programs
Industry Relations Crew Welfare & Family Liaison
Crew Medical, D & A 24 Hours Support by Accounts Manager
At NMS, our people are our strength as well as our support system. We lay great emphasis on teamwork and creating an environment in which our seagoing and shore-based staff feels like a valued employee of the company.
Crew Management
We offer crewing services in the following countries
India Indonesia
Malaysia Myanmar
Philippine Bangladesh
Pakistan Sri Lanka
Australia Europe
All professionals from around the world are hand-picked either by us or our agents. Our clients get to choose among seafarers from various geographical locations according to their requirements, all under one roof.

Nimbus Marine Group is a licensed crewing agency that has been providing exceptional ship crew for various vessels for years now. Whether you require one crewman or a complete crew to keep your ship running seamlessly, we provide some of the brightest professionals to meet all your extraordinary staffing needs.

Here is why ship owners choose our crews:

  • Personalized services: As a leading crew management agency, we train our new generation crew to meet exclusively personalized service needs of our clients. Unlike other seafarers recruitment agencies, we handpick all our professionals from around the world to provide targeted tailored services.
  • Transparency: We build our business relationship with clients based on reliability, transparency and loyalty. You can trust professionals with our marine crew licenses and endorsement as we give it to the ones who have passed a rigorous training program and background checks.
  • Best recruitment practices: As one of the most trusted crew endorsement agencies, we practice the best recruitment procedures while continually thriving to become the industry leader. We are professionals, and we take accountability for our work excellence.
  • Global database: Our global CV database enables us to select professionals from all around the world so that we can meet the requirements and demands of our clients. We train, consult, and constantly motivate all our candidates to develop and perform at the highest level.

Some facts about us

  • We offer crewing services in more than ten countries across four continents.
  • We have provided highly-trained professionals to some of the world’s largest modern ship owners.
  • We provide crew services for more than 15 services tailored to your business. You can choose crew members for one or multiple services.
  • We have a pool of experienced seafarers who guarantees top-of-the-line services and expertise in their respective fields.

Owners of ships crossing international borders must abide by the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006. (MLC 2006). According to MLC 2006, a crew resource management such as ours that you use to hire seafarers must have official certification. If not, the ship may encounter major deficiencies during the MLC certificate audit, which, in the worst-case scenario, could lead to the cancellation of the certificate.

Even though our Crew Management agency has an SRPS certificate, shipowners who have a ship registered and flagged in a nation that has ratified MLC 2006 are required to use the services of our agency that satisfies the MLC 2006 minimum requirements.

When choosing and sending seafarers from a crewing agency based in a nation that has not ratified MLC 2006, flag states and shipowners should carefully investigate whether the agency complies with MCL 2006 standards.

Why choose us?

You get the desired results because we:

  • Always update the ship names and shipowners’ information.
  • Check to see if the seafarer’s qualifications are appropriate for the position to which they are applying.
  • Give a seafarer a copy of the employment contract.
  • Give seafarers enough time to review and consider their rights and obligations under the contract terms.
  • Have a reliable complaint procedure.
  • Have insurance in case a shipowner or business violates a work contract, or a seafarer fails to perform their contractual obligations.
  • Keep an eye on the shipowner’s or the company’s financial situation so that, in an emergency, a seafarer won’t be left at the port.
  • The seafarer database is updated frequently.
  • Verify that a work contract’s specifics comply with any applicable laws.