We provide global recruitment services to oil & gas, construction, environmental, and offshore vessels. Our tried-and-trusted representatives have been recognized as the best at what they do. We are the preferred vendors for many leaders of their respective industries. We are capable of supporting all your technical hiring as well as decommissioning.

We have established some specialized training facilities to meet and uphold the highest standards of the offshore industry. Experience, proficiency, and resources make Nimbus a reliable and effective partner.

We offer the following offshore management services

Offshore Marine Crew Offshore Crew Logistics
Offshore Project Crew Global Travel and Visa Solutions
Offshore Construction Crew Offshore Training
Oil & Gas Professionals Compensation Insurance for Project Crew
Payroll Management 24-hrs Support from Accounts Manager
Tax Management Cost Management
We understand the offshore industry well and know that time is of the essence when your business needs a professional to keep things moving. All our offices comply with MLC 2006 regulations. Presently, we provide crewing services for over 3,000 handpicked seafarers along with a vast database of over 110,000 capable seafarers spread across the globe.

Our wide range of offshore jobs guarantees you the highest standards of services to keep your business world-class. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader and offshore recruitment agency that delivers on its promises. We provide around twelve offshore jobs varying from the offshore marine crew and tax management to cost management. As a leading employment agency in the maritime industry, we aim to provide recruitment services of substance and value.

Whether you’re looking for crews to handle ship jobs or offshore ones, we would select the perfect candidates that fit your requirements from our global CV database. Nimbus Marine Group’s core values are effectiveness, quality, professionalism, and flexibility. We can provide bespoke solutions to our clients’ offshore job requirements because our specialists are highly motivated, talented, ambitious and love their jobs.

Our innovative, personalized and versatile recruitment process allows us to select professionals committed to their jobs. Here is what makes Nimbus Marine Group stand apart from other offshore recruitment agencies:

  1. International recruitment: Our global CV database is filled with potential candidates from all over the world. Depending on your needs, we will provide one or a group of crewmen who will understand your requirements and provide services accordingly.
  2. Recruitment process: Our recruitment process includes a full background check on the candidates, covering search & selection of suitable candidates, screening and interviewing. Only when we are sure that the potential candidates can handle all the major and minute details in their area of expertise, do we select them to be a part of our recruitment agency.
  3. Contract recruitment: We provide seafarer crew who have the experience and ability to manage extreme cases on a contractual basis. As a multi-disciplinary recruitment agency, we have the up-to-date market knowledge to provide our clients with the best candidates in the industry.

There are many reasons to choose Nimbus as the finest Offshore Recruitment Agency partner. Here are some of the reasons:

Worldwide Coverage

The international offices of Nimbus are a significant benefit for our clients. We are prepared to deliver the top talent in the oil and gas industry thanks to our several strategically located global offices.

Talent sourcing

Our talent acquisition teams concentrate on specific verticals and disciplines. They gain a thorough understanding of what the hiring manager is looking for as a result. This guarantees that projects are staffed on time, within budget, and without running afoul of compliance.

Global services for relocation and employment

Our global employment and mobility services provide the following for projects that call for international human resources:

  • Employer outsourcing internationally (GEO)
  • international visa and immigration services
  • Moving management
  • Services for mobilization and logistics
  • tax preparation and payroll services


Outsourcing for Managed Solutions and Recruitment (RPO solutions)

Are you working with several oil and gas recruitment agencies and noticing rising hiring costs? We can help with our internal sourcing solutions!

We provide an on-site or nearby embedded recruitment process outsourcing service. Our recruiters actively participate in your offshore jobs hiring process over a long period of time and become familiar with your culture. An on-site managed solution can cut costs and time spent on each hire without sacrificing quality.