Maritime Training Services Singapore

Nimbus Marine Services PTE Ltd. has been providing commercial marine qualification training for a time now, with a team of professional instructors with expertise in the domestic and commercial marine industry.

Our training sessions include specific training videos and other computer-based training which are focused on safety, regulatory, and operational topics. Our team understands and attempts to deliver the seasonal demands of the marine industry of Singapore and India. This is why we have flexible training options.

Our maritime training services in Singapore are nationally accredited. Advanced and specialized in the marine industry exclusively. Some of our top training topics are Bridge Resource Management, Cargo Handling, Deck Operations, Emergency Procedures, Engineering, Firefighting, Environment, Medical Procedures, Health, etc. 

Our training sessions are all-inclusive – we have both hands-on and theoretical, where the marines are ready for emergency situations, responsible, handling the operations efficiently, knowing the environment and the management, and many more.

One of the best features we possess is that we invest in innovative and latest facilities and equipment to ensure we meet each of the training quality requirements. We also have the most skilled instructors that have trained and been trained from Maritime Training Centres in various countries across the globe.

We deal with a huge number of professional seafarers. To keep them updated with the latest practices, we have developed state-of-the-art maritime and offshore training facilities.  We also arrange training for industry-specific needs of our clients.

Our training programs are designed to deliver up to the highest standards required in the maritime and offshore industry. To enroll in any of our training regimens, click here.

We offer different types of training including in-house or with our partners

Pre-sea Training Post-sea STCW 2010 Courses
Specialized Courses Maritime English Courses
BOSIET and other Offshore Courses Hospitality Training
Different Flag State Courses Deck and Engine Officer Courses