With more and more people showing interest in experiencing a rejuvenating vacation on passenger vessels such as cruise ships and yachts, the demand for crews which makes their journey memorable is at an all-time high.

We, at Nimbus, bridge the gap between the market forces of demand and supply by placing the industry’s finest people with our clients present throughout the world. Whether you need people to handle the hospitality department or technical aspects of your vessel, you can depend on us for a service next to none.

We offer the following passenger ship management services

F&B Service F&B Production
Front Office Security
Casino Entertainment
Salon & Spa Sale and Retail
Customer Service Bell Desk Crew
Marine Crew Engineering
We are well-versed with the cruise industry and understand the importance of customer satisfaction. For the same reason, we provide extensive training to our recruits and impart soft skills so that they can help our clients grow exponentially.