Marine Onshore recruitment services

Marine, onshore recruitment is today one of the most demanded services in the country. Nimbus marine recruitment services are the best way for you to find highly eligible marine manpower. Our talented recruitment group has a highly equipped recruitment process that is more than enough for your team’s requirements.

Our group has been providing recruitment services to various companies long before marine activities increased after an increased number of trading through the ports by ships.

With our marine, onshore recruitment services, many shipping companies in Singapore and India are already satisfied with their marines. Our recruitment services help port-based positions in various parts of the world. We have efficiently met the specific requirements of different shipping companies by finding them the most talented marines with endless potential to adapt and grow.

One of the reasons that make us preferable to other companies is that we are searching for talents all across the globe, delivering a global pool of talent to various companies and positions across Singapore and India.

We have the expertise and knowledge to help drive your company forward by finding the most proficient talent in the industry. Our team completely understands your requirements and uses our access to a global pool of talent to deliver the most promising candidates for solving all your hiring problems.

 Amongst others, we can provide the following professionals:
Technical Management Manager Operations QHSE Specialist Port Engineers
Nautical Superintendent Project Manager Crewing Prof. Marine Surveyor
Port Captain Technical Superintendent New Building Chartering/Commercial