4 Sensible Interview Answers That WILL Land You a Crew Job

It is no secret that shipping industry is the current hot-seller for many job-lookers across the world. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, it is the most preferred way of transporting goods for a major proportion of manufacturing units.

There are many individuals who are head over heels about the oceans and would love to tread them for a living. Some people wait until retirement to live their dream. Those who cannot wait for that long should consult a distinguished Crew Recruitment Company in Singapore.

The shipping industry is growing and is always in need of able mariners. However, getting in is no child’s play as every firm only wants highly professional, energetic,and dedicated people. This is the reason why many individuals are unable to grab the job despite having the right skill set.

It does not matter whether it is your first time working in the sea or you are a seasoned sailor, these four tips will make sure that you get hired:

1. Tell me about yourself.

Focus on things related to the job; this is what the interviewer is primarily interested in.

Personal history is important, but do not narrate it right from the beginning. Instead, start with what makes you the right pick for the job. The key to a successful interview is how you match yourself with the requirements of the job. You have to sell what the buyer wants to buy.

You should also think of a story that outlines your professional qualities. For example, if you say that people describe you as driven, cite a small instance where you fought against the odds and achieved something spectacular at your previous job. People always remember powerful stories.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This question aims to comprehend your qualities that will prove to be beneficial if you are hired along with the problematic areas, which is why it is important to give an innovative answer.

When talking about strengths, mention only 2-3 skills which fall in line with the job you have applied for. Avoid long answers or cliché, use specific evidence to back your claim.

When it comes to weaknesses, give a confident response which shows that you have done some serious self-evaluation and can accept constructive criticism. An honest answer which tells how you plan on removing this obstacle will go a long way in getting you the role you want.

3. A situation where you didn’t get along with a superior?

The purpose of this question is to check how you react when things do not go your way. Some of the wrong answers which people give are, “Fortunately, I have never worked for someone I did not get along.” Or, “I fell out with the Captain’s wife.”

The mariners are a closely-knit community, and your potential captain might as well know the former one. This is why a diplomatic answer is paramount.

Everyone has been in a situation where they disagreed with their captain. If you say otherwise, the recruiter will question your integrity. It can also act as a red signal that you are not seasoned enough or have not been in tough situations which require someone with thick skin.

It is quite natural for people to have contrasting opinions; after all, we are only human, right? You can explain that you gave your reasons and were open to other options so that a small difference of opinion did not hamper your work.

4. Why do you want to work in this industry?

It is a common question which is often thrown at newbies. Sometimes, even experienced candidates are asked why they chose the shipping industry. This makes it important to think of a brief story which highlights everything that sparked an initial interest to why you love your job.

Also, try and point out the similarities between your former job and the one you are seeking. As a result, you will come off as a well-prepared individual who is passionate about his work and ready to face new challenges that come along with the new job.


You can further increase your odds of getting selected by applying through a veteran onshore or offshore recruitment agency. Good agencies have their goodwill at stake, which is why they only refer the best candidates. It can also guide you regarding the role and kind of candidate the shipowner is looking for. Good luck!

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